Vtech Hotel Management Solution

VTECH V-Hotel Reception and Booking module

Vtech ERP

V-Hotel may be implemented in hotels, motels, hostels, resorts centers, suites and inns. V-Hotel is very easy interface friendly and very easy to use. Additional to that it contains wide range of functions: like: room service, SPA, pos, warehouse management, parking etc..

No time-consuming and expensive training is required to start using the software. The interface is friendly to users with graphic interface.

V-Hotel system consists of many modules, the main ones are: Hotel Front-Desk, Spa, and Dynamic reporting. V-HOTEL put on server in the head office of company can provide remote control over hotel premises. V-Hotel system can be integrated with phone centers, electronic locks, fiscal devices as well as with financial-accounting software of various firms.

VTECH V-Resto System For Restaurant and Coffee shops

V-Resto is a user-friendly POS software that can be installed in Restaurants, Coffee-shops, Fast-Food, it can work as in open bills mode or self-service mode as well as in mixed mode. The self-service mode can be used by customers, who can open and close bills and pay for the order. You can operate on the touch screen or by reading barcodes on the bought items.

KDS or kitchen printers are the software interface in the kitchen. Additional to that V-Resto can be fully integrated with the V-Chef (back-office) to control purchasing, recipes, production, inventories etc.

V-Resto has many additional models and APPs that can be integrated with like: V-Cloud Menu, V-Inventory APP, V-KDS, V-Self-service, V-CallCenter, V-Dispatch, etc.

Vtech Accounting

VTECH Hotel V-BackOffice System

Vtech ERP

The V-CHEF system contains all the operations supporting POS for restaurants and Coffee-shops, such as warehouses management, transfers, inventories, sales, purchasing, and manufacturing operations, and it defines all the dictionaries supporting data for POS stations such as defining stores, goods’ groups, POSs, warehouses, and goods prices, offers, payment methods, VAT, discounts, customers management, etc.

The V-CHEF program is a comprehensive system that controls the flow of goods from one store to another, and controls purchasing and selling operations to eliminate the possibility of misuse or neglect by employees. The system gives the ability to monitor inventory and prices, such as the min and max stock. It can also control prices from suppliers by comparing prices of old shipments with current ones.

Integration between the back-office and POS systems (V-Resto & V-Chef) enables management to improve performance, sales, and monitor inventory and consumption, which leads to reducing costs and increasing profit.

VTECH V-Conference and Catering System

V-Hotel has a conference rooms reservation module. Each room can be reserved according to days and even hours. Additional to that with rooms you can reserve service and a lot of other things.

Vtech Accounting

VTECH V-HotelTools Module

Vtech Reporting

V-Hotel in an easy can control the status of the hotel’s rooms. Clean, Dirty or need a service.