Vtech Retail Solutions (Shops, SuperMarket, etc.)

VTECH Retail Solutions: V-Retail module

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V-Retail POS software makes selling operations easy and enjoyable, as the system supports linking with scales and supports packaging and various sizes, colors, and packages, which facilitates sales operations. In addition, V-Retail system supports delivery and self-service for customers. The system also supports returns and exchanges of goods. It also supports points collection for customers.

The cashier can easily select goods via barcode or touch screen. V-Retail system supports Happy Hours according to weeks days and times. It also allows for verifying the availability of goods in the warehouses and contains a manufacturing system in the store. The system also contains a distinctive tool for daily and seasonal offers.

There are also mobile APPs that facilitate the management of stores and its operations. Additional to that the whole solution runs in the cloud environment. Some of the APPs are: self-service, Online shop, price-checker, inventory, and others.

VTECH Retail Solutions: V-BackOffice module

V-BackOffice module contains all the processes supporting POS for shops and supermarkets, such as warehouses, transfers between warehouses, inventories, sale, purchasing, and manufacturing operations. Additional to that it has all the dictionaries for supporting data for chain shops, such as defining stores, groups of goods, POS, warehouses, stored goods, sold goods, prices, offers, payment methods, VAT, discounts, customer management, etc.

V-Backoffice module is a comprehensive system that controls the flow of goods from one store to another, and controls purchasing and selling operations to eliminate the possibility of misuse or neglect by employees. The system gives the ability to monitor inventory and prices, such as min and max limits, with a warning to place orders to supply goods. It can also control prices from suppliers by comparing prices of old shipments with current ones, and if there are some differences, the system will report this.

Integration between the warehouse system and POS (V-Retail & V-BackOffice) enables management to improve facility performance, improve sales, and monitor inventory and consumption, which leads to reducing cost and increasing profit.

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VTECH Retail Solutions: V-Call-Center & Delivery module

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V-CallCenter solution is considered as a complementary module to V-Resto system and an integral part of it. The system focuses on managing customers and clients’ requests via phone and mobile phone, where the call receptionist creates the customer’s order on the call center POS screen and sends it to the appropriate branch. The delivery of the order to the customer is then tracked by the driver’s APP until the order is delivered.

One of the main features of V-CallCenter module is that it is fully integrated with the phone central, so that when a client is calling a popup screen with the client’s number and name appears on the POS screen. When the call is answered, the system opens a delivery order with the name and address of the caller. The customer can also be registered under many addresses and multiple mobile numbers.

There are also mobile APPs (V-Dispatch, V-Delivery) that help adding and follow up the delivery operations to the customers and enable the delivery driver to follow up on his own delivery operations live. All of this facilitates and speeds up these operations.

VTECH Retail Solutions: V-Inventory APP

V-Inventory APP for stock inventory taking operations, which represents an easy interface for conducting daily, weekly, monthly, or annual inventory without the need for manual entry. This is done by using a tablet or mobile device equipped with a barcode reader to read goods and enter quantities too.

After completing the warehouse inventory, it is sent via WiFi or Bluetooth to V-BackOffice module, where it is confirmed and saved. This APP is considered complementary to the V-BackOffice solution and an integral part of it.

V-Inventory APP is known by user-friendly interface, as the user can easily read or select the goods included in the inventory, and the quantities are entered via the touch screen.

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VTECH Retail Solutions: V-Prodution module

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V-Production is one of the advanced features of V-Retail integrated systems and one of the important parts. This module enables manufacturing of products in the shop such as meat, cheese, bakery, and others.

Through this module, components (raw materials) are entered for each type of manufactured product (recipe), and these raw materials are automatically dispatched from stores.

The system calculates the costs incurred for the produced products and calculates depreciation, etc., which enables management to know the profit and loss related to production operations.

VTECH Retail Solutions: V-BranchesOrdering

One of the most important features of V-Retail system is the ability to request goods and materials from central or subsidiary warehouses in case the original warehouse run out of stock. And this represents an important and basic feature in V-Retail integrated systems. This module enables shops to create branch orders for their daily and weekly needs via V-BackOffice from the branch to the central warehouses.

Once the order is prepared, transferred to the branch and actually received the receiver can compare the actual received goods with the ones on the system and it can be confirmed. All of these movements are done through the system and do not require any manual input else than differences.

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