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VTECH V-ERP Solutions - Financial and Accounting module

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V-Accounting module is designed to simplify and automate manual financial management processes and improve the accessibility, accuracy, and timeliness of financial data.V-ERP accounting module manages and controls organization’s vital activities such as budget management (creating, allocation, analysis and management of revenues and expenses); cash flow analysis; banks and cheques; accounts payable and receivable; fixed asset management; direct sales, invoicing, VAT, and financial dynamic reporting and analysis.

Accounting module dramatically increases the productivity of the organization finance staff members, while improving financial performance management and strategic company planning; and giving higher management better visibility about the financial condition of the organization.

VTECH V-ERP Solutions - HR and Payrol module

V-HR Human Resource Management module is designed to simplify and automate all procedures and transactions related to employees. It plans, directs and coordinates all the administrative functions in your organization.V-ERP HR module manages and controls organization’s vital human resources activities such as storing employee data, managing payrolls (salaries, benefits, vacations, etc.), and keeping track of attendance records.

HR module dramatically increases the productivity of the employees within the organization. Additionally, the employee self-service provides managers and employees access to personal records, salaries and details. These features include allowing employees to apply for vacations, track their salaries and benefits, labor hours, schedules, and evaluate their information.

Vtech Accounting

VTECH V-ERP Solutions - V-TMS Time Management module

Vtech ERP

The V-TMS system is your ideal choice for achieving your organization’s goals and vision related to improving work performance, increasing productivity and development, and reducing waste related to unnecessary working hours by managing employees’ working hours in a distinctive and easy way. The main idea of the V-TMS system for time attendance management is to create a system that provides an easy visual mechanism for analyzing and displaying employees attendance information and facilitating the communication process through the use of mobile APP (V-EmployeePocket) to solve problems of gaps, delays, and absences. Additional to that the full integration with all other strategic systems in your organization, HR & Payroll and Accounting will make everything easy.

The V-TMS system significantly reduces administrative costs because it automates all processes involved in time management. All these operations are carried out through the employee’s online control system. These operations are processed through the online managers’ control system.

There are also mobile and supporting applications that facilitate self-services for employees, as these provide access to personal records. These features include allowing employees to apply for leave, working hours, timesheets, attendance processes, etc.

VTECH V-ERP Solutions - V-Assets Fixed Assets Management module

V-Assets module is your ideal choice for achieving your organization’s goals and vision related to improving the processes of entering assets and monitoring their consumption. V-Assets system tracks fixed assets and depreciation and sales accounts. It also manages and calculates the annual withholding taxes according to the best accounting standards.

V-Assets system helps increase productivity and facilitate work, which reduces waste related to working hours that are not necessary to follow the principles and calculations related to the best financial standards.

Vtech Accounting

VTECH V-ERP Solutions - V-SupplyChain module

Vtech ERP

V-SupplyChain module for purchases, sales, and warehouses consists of: warehouses, Goods’ groups, goods suppliers, and purchasing and sales processes. The system allows defining the following data, such as: list of goods, min & max stock, expiry dates, list of salesmen, etc. The program also controls the flow of goods from one store to another, and controls quantities to eliminate the possibility of misuse or neglect by employees.

The ability to create account cards makes it easy to calculate the profit and loss margin, and calculate the cost. Through this, the user can benefit from these cards, so that it is easy to make modifications and submit new goods.

It also provides the ability to monitor inventory: min & max limits, along with a warning of the need to place new orders for the stores. It can also monitor prices from suppliers by comparing the prices of old shipments with the current ones.

VTECH V-DSS Decision Support System

With V-DSS web Dashboard, creating insightful and information rich decision support systems for executives and business users across platforms and devices is a simple matter of selecting the appropriate UI element (Chart, Pivot Table, Data Card, Gauge, Map or Grid) and dropping data fields onto corresponding arguments, values, and series. Moreover, V-DSS Dashboard automatically provides the best data visualization option for you, results are immediate, accurate and always relevant.

Regardless of data complexity and database structure, selecting the appropriate data source for your dashboard is pain-free. The Dashboard Designer includes powerful data fetching tools and automatic table join and customizable join conditions.

Vtech Reporting