Vtech Hospitality Solutions (Restautant, Coffee-shops)

VTECH Hospitality Solutions - V-Resto module

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V-Resto is a user-friendly POS software that can be installed in Restaurants, Coffee-shops, Fast-Food, it can work as in open bills mode or self-service mode as well as in mixed mode. The self-service mode can be used by customers, who can open and close bills and pay for the order. You can operate on the touch screen or by reading barcodes on the bought items.

KDS or kitchen printers are the software interface in the kitchen. Additional to that V-Resto can be fully integrated with the V-Chef (back-office) to control purchasing, recipes, production, inventories etc.

V-Resto has many additional models and APPs that can be integrated with like: V-Cloud Menu, V-Inventory APP, V-KDS, V-Self-service, V-CallCenter, V-Dispatch, etc.

VTECH Hospitality Solutions - V-Chef module

The V-CHEF system contains all the operations supporting POS for restaurants and Coffee-shops, such as warehouses management, transfers, inventories, sales, purchasing, and manufacturing operations, and it defines all the dictionaries supporting data for POS stations such as defining stores, goods’ groups, POSs, warehouses, and goods prices, offers, payment methods, VAT, discounts, customers management, etc.

The V-CHEF program is a comprehensive system that controls the flow of goods from one store to another, and controls purchasing and selling operations to eliminate the possibility of misuse or neglect by employees. The system gives the ability to monitor inventory and prices, such as the min and max stock. It can also control prices from suppliers by comparing prices of old shipments with current ones.

Integration between the back-office and POS systems (V-Resto & V-Chef) enables management to improve performance, sales, and monitor inventory and consumption, which leads to reducing costs and increasing profit.

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VTECH Hospitality Solutions - Call-Center & Delivery module

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V-CallCenter solution is considered as a complementary module to V-Resto system and an integral part of it. The system focuses on managing customers and clients requests via phone and mobile phone, where the call receptionist creates the customer’s order on the call center POS screen and sends it to the appropriate branch. The delivery of the order to the customer is then tracked by the driver’s APP until the order is delivered.

One of the main features of V-CallCenter module is that it is fully integrated with the phone central, so that when a client is calling a popup screen with the client’s number and name appears on the POS screen. When the call is answered, the system opens a delivery order with the name and address of the caller. The customer can also be registered under many addresses and multiple mobile numbers.

There are also mobile APPs (V-Dispatch, V-Delivery) that help adding and follow up the delivery operations to the customers and enable the delivery driver to follow up on his own delivery operations live. All of this facilitates and speeds up these operations.

VTECH Hospitality Solutions - KDS Kithcen module

V-KDS kitchen display system is considered as a complementary module to V-Resto system and an integral part of it. The system focuses on managing customer’s and client’s orders sent to the kitchen. V-Resto sends the customer’s order to KDS screens in the kitchen according to the pre-set settings for the kitchen departments in the system.

The kitchen chef and staff by using V-KDS user friendly screens are able to manage all the kitchen orders: prepare them, and change their status on the KDS screens until the order is complete and delivered to the customer’s table or to the delivery driver.

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VTECH Hospitality Solutions - Waiter APP module

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V-Waiter POS APP in restaurants and coffee shops with its easy interface is used to open, create and close orders while waiter is taking the customer order instead of using a paper sheet, without the need to go to the POS station. This APP is considered as a complementary to V-Resto system and an integral part of it.

The APP is downloaded on tablets. V-Waiter APP supports different kinds of ordering like: table service, takeaway, and delivery orders.

V-Waiter APP is the best way to speed the ordering process, as the waiter can easily select the required items via tablet and order them from the kitchen.

VTECH Hospitality Solutions: Self Service APP

V-SelfService APP for V-Resto is the perfect solutions for fast-food restaurants and coffee shops. It a self-service kiosk system used by the customers to create their own orders and pay for them without interaction with the shop staff. The APP is considered as a complementary to V-Resto system and an integral part of it.

When the customer opens the order on his own, he opens takeaway orders quickly and easily completes his order via the touch screens. Then, according to the system settings, payment is made via credit card, debit card, or payment at cashier station.

V-Resto Self Service APP has a user-friendly interface. The client can easily select the items he want to order and can place the order via ouch screen and he can close the bill and pay for it.

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